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hello welcome to especially Wauw artists are great I like to be like them but not have a manager operator or singer or actor or whatever I like to go on television just hope to have good response from some artists who if I like something good I hope you like it from here or some good downloads disfrutenlo
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I love all the artists in the world I send a big hug to everyone especially to all who are young have a great opportunity in your hands not wasting please do not waste it I always wanted to be rock star but you will never be try to touch the electric piano and nothing you do not have money at least more than me or so I believe I gave you a recomendasion not let them explode on their manager just want some money manager that very few take feelings with you and you want to reach have that opportunity I do not imagine I'm always in a theater or a stage playing an instrument or singing for someone to sing at a birthday party one day of celebration as the day of mothers or parents somewhere and then of that detail for a gift and tell them how much you want are their parents while to quarrel but a temporary annoyance that is removed
with a glass of water and be alone for a while or sleep but is now angry that alzen phone and tell their parents how much you want a great treasure which they have but they know something but are not playing the piano and I try try and keep trying until I quit and I am 14 I will not give right now will continue their play until you know that I say good excellent piano so with your permission will follow me to study piano.